13327417_1032526040168111_7424577963471083434_n_copyHey there! I’m Kyle Fittje, the General Manager of ONE Boulder Fitness.

If you’re reading this page, you want to know how we are different from other gyms and how we can help your fitness. It’s in that spirit that I’d like to tell you more about the club.

OBF Has A Long History Of Member Success
Our founders opened OBF over 25 years ago.  Their mission then is the same as it is today; to bring better fitness to Boulder.

How Times Have Changed
Being located in the heart of downtown Boulder, we’ve had a ringside seat to watch a young, smart culture of tech companies popping up on every corner. This younger community of forward thinkers are very “Switched On”. They’re educated, creative, hard-working, fun and vibrant.  It’s added an exciting energy to the community and our membership. And it inspired ONE Boulder Fitness to change as well. 

During my time at OBF, there’s been a lot of changes in the fitness arena. Trends have come and gone, stuck around or morphed into more conscientious, smarter training techniques. 

The New and Improved ONE Boulder Fitness
OBF completed its latest “makeover” in June/July 2016. And we’ve applied new vision and focus. Here’s how the NEW ONE works for you:

The New B-Fit Studio And Group Training Environments
The new B-Fit Studio was designed for our Small Group Classes. And it's an environment that makes it extra enjoyable to workout inside. In fact, we have many members that actually come to workout twice a day now. OBF Small Group Classes & Private Group Training experiences are super fun, challenging, innovative & diverse and taught by certified personal trainers who have a love of teaching and training all levels of clients. You can see a schedule of classes here and a schedule of Private Group Training here.

World Class Personal Training

We’ve created ONE Boulder Fitness to be a premier world-class Personal Training destination. Our trainers have extensive backgrounds and training platforms that can help all levels of clients. From clients needing rehab from injuries, weight loss, improved quality of life, to world-class athletes training to compete.

Our trainers also offer special fun, innovative programming for all levels of fitness for outside and inside. Such as "Run & Scramble" to train for 14er season. (14,000 foot mountains in Colorado) and “Trim & Slim” programs. To enhance the Boulder lifestyle people love to brag about!

The Friendliest Front Desk Staff
At OBF, we strive to give you a great experience not just during your workout, but even before and after. That's why we’ve brought on energetic, fit, knowledgeable front desk staff to meet and greet you every time you walk in to the club. They'll also give you a genuine goodbye when you leave. It's these small, but important things that create the vibrant, easy-going and welcoming atmosphere our members love.

Be My Guest
I appreciate your interest in OBF. And now that you know a bit more about us, I'd like to invite you to try OBF as our guest. Come in, take a tour, meet our staff and get a great workout!

On behalf of the team at OBF, we look forward to meeting you soon!

- Kyle

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