Take A Look Inside ONE Boulder Fitness


Strength Area 

Everything You Need To Succeed.

It is getting harder and harder to find a club with a full set of weights here in Boulder, and it’s virtually impossible downtown. At ONE Boulder Fitness, you have access to everything you need to experience total body strength training. In addition, we have plenty of training space with the freedom to move and perform a variety of functional movements. Plus, we know there's nothing worse than discovering your favorite machine is out of order, which is why we take pride in keeping our equipment in good working condition at all times.

OBF conditioning equipment includes:One Boulder Fitness Strength Area

  • 2 full dumbbell weight sets up to 105 lbs
  • 1 full set of barbells from 10 to 65 lbs
  • 1 Smith machine
  • 2 squat racks
  • 1 full Precore cable machine with 9 stations
  • 8 adjustable benches so you will rarely have to wait for a bench or feel rushed to give yours up.
  • 1 chest fly machine
  • 1 Free Motion cable machine
  • 3 leg machines for a full leg day workout
  • 1 incline bench for those who prefer to work solely with their own body weight.
  • And much, much more...

One Boulder Fitness B-Fit StudioB-Fit Studio

Your Dynamic Fitness Environment

First and foremost, the B-Fit Studio is home to our growing list of Small Group Training (SGT) sessions that are scheduled throughout the day and are included in each ONE Boulder Fitness Membership: Click here to check out our list of Small Group Training Sessions.

The B-Fit Studio is a multi-purpose exercise room open for general use whenever a Small Group Training is not in session. The space includes multiple TRX trainers, Kettlebells, BOSU-balls, small weights, Fitballs, Glide discs and other functional-movement equipment.

One Boulder Fitness Cardio AreaCardio ONE Area

Ramp up your metabolism.  Shed fat and build endurance.  Have fun doing it.

The Cardio ONE Area here at ONE Boulder Fitness gives you access to a variety of matching fitness club grade cardio machines.

  • 8 treadmills 
  • 6 elliptical machines
  • 4 Spinn Bikes
  • 2 upright stationary bikes
  • 2 recumbent stationary bikes
  • 1 row machine. 
  • 2 “escalator-style” stair machines
  • 1 Stairmaster
To help you pass the time, there are also 4 HD TVs on the wall, visible from everywhere in the Cardio ONE Area, and the front row of machines each have their own personal screen and controls.


One Boulder Fitness Men's Locker RoomMen’s Locker Room

Clean.  Comfortable.  Convenient.

It's the first and last place you go during your workout...  so it better be great.  Here's what you can expect from an OBF locker room.  

Shampoo and conditioner? Covered. Shaving cream? A fresh can at each sink. Lavender Mint scented hand lotion? Yes! We have everything you need to leave the club looking as good as you feel. There are also blow dryers if you have a “Boulder Man’s Mane,” that needs to dry before you brave the great outdoors.  

There are over 100 lockers in the men’s room that are cleaned each night, so you will never be stuck looking for a locker when you come to workout. If you would like to store your workout gear with us,exclusive lockers may be rented. 

Finally, if you find that you have forgotten any of your personal essentials, check with our front desk! Our team has you covered with hair-ties, ear buds, day-use locks for your locker, and more.

There are no hidden fees or charges for you to discover at the end of the month; all of this is included as part of your membership at ONE Boulder Fitness.

Is OBF is right for you?  Experience it yourself and find out.  


One Boulder Fitness Women's Locker RoomWomen’s Locker Room 

Everything you need before and after your workout.

The women’s locker rooms at ONE Boulder Fitness have been designed and stocked to give you a spa-like experience after your challenging workout. When you enter, here are a few things you will find:

  • Freshly cleaned spa-sized towels 
  • Direct access to our hot tub, sauna, and steam room from the women’s locker room 
  • 6 individual and spacious showers fully-stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and luxury body wash (infused with sea kelp and Brazil nut oil extract, amino acids, and jaboncillo berries) 
  • 2 full countertops to choose from, both with full mirrors and hair dryers at each station
  • Counters are fully stocked with lavender mint and unscented lotions, hand soap, Q-tips and more
You’ll also be delighted by the cleanliness of our locker rooms. Our meticulous cleaning staff works hard to ensure that your experience at ONE Boulder Fitness is a positive one.

One Boulder Fitness SpaOne Boulder Fitness Spa

Relax. Rejuvenate. Enjoy.

Our spa includes a full-sized whirlpool, so you will always have plenty of room to yourself while you relax. While the eucalyptus steam room is great for detoxification, the dry sauna is known for relieving tension and stress, stimulating blood circulation, and rejuvenating the skin.

The ONE Boulder Fitness spa gives you the opportunity to escape from the stresses of your daily life, and we would love for you to try it for yourself. Contact us or stop by today.
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