Gym Journal ($)

This class is taught by:

Rhiannon McClatchey

You can either be the subject of your body or the object of the world. As object, you take up space, but as subject, you are a space. You are a playground for yourself.

I believe our bodies are vehicles for our overall wellbeing. We experience the world through them, so by training our bodies to move how we want, we can increase pleasure in our daily lives. I want to make you grateful for your body by showing you how much fun you can have in there. To do this, I will coach you on essential movements that will realign your body and strengthen your foundation. From that empowered place, you will experience the joy of play without injury. I firmly believe that the investment you put into your body should serve your desire to enjoy moving through life. Your body is a gift. Let me help you love it.


- TRX Qualified Instructor


- Weight Lifting - Trail Running - Aerial Dance - Flying Trapeze – Acroyoga


- B.A. Journalism, University of Georgia

A high percentage of top performers keeps some form of daily performance journal. Tennis champion Serena Williams and former World Series
MVP Curt Schilling use notebooks; the rapper Eminem and the choreographer Twyla Tharp use shoeboxes, which they fill with ideas written on
scrap paper. What matters is not the precise form. What matters is that you write stuff down and reflect on it. Results from today. Ideas for
tomorrow. Goals for next week. A notebook works like a map: It creates clarity