Smiles Included. smiles included

Your ONE Boulder Fitness membership delivers more than exceptional fitness equipment and programming.  It connects you to a dynamic community of people who genuinely care about your health and fitness.  It's about: 

Better. (Not Bigger)

OBF has everything you need to exceed your fitness goals. The main training environment provides a full compliment of total body strength conditioning and cardio equipment. Your small group training takes place in the dedicated B-Fit Studio and multi-purpose space.  What you won’t find is an olympic pool or 5 floors filled with endless rows of machines.  So if you like quality over quantity we’re your place.  

Location.  Location. Location.

We’re located in the heart of downtown Boulder.  Work downtown?  You’ll especially love the convenience of having a workout so close to the office.  At OBF, you’re never more that a 10 minute walk from practically anywhere downtown.

front deskStaff That Knows Your Name.

What makes a great workout?  We think it’s the experience you have and the results you get.  Our expert staff is dedicated to producing both.  That’s why you see our fitness professionals not only guiding workouts but spending time greeting members at the front desk.  In fact, some of our staff are smiling at you now from that picture to the right... 

(Hassle) Free Parking.

We think your time is better spent improving fitness, not looking for parking.  As an OBF member, you can drive right into the One Boulder Plaza underground parking ramp and be moments from our door.  We validate your ticket at the front desk and you never pay for parking.

SGT Comes Standard

Aa an OBF member, you enjoy the benefits of working with a personal trainer at no additional cost.  All our Small Group Training classes give you a wide range of options to get expert instruction, motivation and support specific to your fitness goals and level.  From TRX to Kettlebells to Bootcamps we’ve got just what your body needs.

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