Owners at ONE Boulder Fitness


About Glen Marshman, co-owner

Glen Marshman One Boulder Fitness Co-OwnerBoulder native Glen Marshman has been an athlete all of his life and a personal trainer, fitness coach and health club owner for over 35 years. His passion for strength training began when he was 14 and intensified throughout college. For nearly a decade, he competed in national bodybuilding competitions while working simultaneously as a mechanical engineer. After bodybuilding he got involved in bicycle racing and coached his wife throughout her professional mountain bike racing career. At the age of 59, Glen is just as committed to the practice of strength training and eager to share its benefits as an Owner and Head Trainer at ONE Boulder Fitness.

About Scott Woodard, co-owner

Scott Woodard One Boulder Fitness Co-OwnerScott launched into the fitness world in 1981 when he started his first gym in Grand Junction, CO. Later he relocated to a Ft. Collins health club to take over membership sales and a few other things, including but not limited to—mopping the floors, encouraging the aerobics queens and keeping the overall grunting to a minimum. In 1985, he used his hard-earned skills to open the first Pulse Fitness Center on Baseline Road. The success of the first club led to the opening of additional locations in Boulder and Longmont in the nineties. After selling the Baseline and Longmont Pulse to 24 Hour Fitness in 1998, he partnered with Glen Marshman to merge the Downtown Pulse with ONE Boulder Fitness, which moved to its current location in 2005.
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