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Director of Personal Training

Our bodies tell our story and sometimes in its expression physical scarring, imbalance, dysfunction, preparation are evident. I will guide you towards perfecting movements when faced with some of the challenges and encourage the progressions towards your fitness goals.

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer - Safe Sport Coaching - USA Volleyball IMPACT - TRX Master – ViPR – Zumba - Stages Cycling Instructor - Schwinn Cycling Instructor--Ironman 2016


You are the pioneer of your body, so try not to set limitations on your growth. Let me help you have fun while exploring your phenomenal potential.


After years of strength training and studying under master bodybuilder Glen Marshman, I am dedicated to creating smooth qualities in all movement patterns. By training you to approach weight-lifting with ease and grace, your body will be able to take on increasing loads safely. As you develop more power and strength, your joy for moving your body will also increase. This feedback loop of strength and joy is my formula. I will teach you how to crave a physical challenge—and how to make it look easy. Let me show you how much you can love being in your body.


- National Academy Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer - TRX Qualified Instructor


- 15 years study; Feldenkreis Master Cici Runge - B.M, Master of Music San Francisco Conservatory of Music


My addiction to TRX began in January 2013. I love TRX and the total body fitness benefits it provides. TRX suspension training is a workout system the leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. Every movement performed is a whole-body movement...that's why TRX challenges the entire body in every plane of motion.


I’m excited to share my passion for fitness with others in a fun, fulfilling, successful environment. I look forward to helping you achieve your personal fitness and nutritional goals.


- National Academy Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer - TRX Certified Group Instructor


- B.S. Nutrition, University of Colorado
As an athlete and fitness professional for more than 25 years, I believe health is essential to one’s freedom to enjoy life. We are all responsible for our own health and well-being. I strive to make every workout fun, challenging and effective. My passion is to explore mindfulness in movement, while assisting my clients to reach their fitness goals with innovative, balanced and healthy lifestyle changes. To help you achieve your goals efficiently I make full use of my specialties, which include resistance training, weight loss, core stability, increased balance and improved proprioception.
For the client experiencing specific issues I can offer:

- Injury and pre/post-surgery rehabilitation and increased flexibility
- Yoga therapy, private and group instruction
- Mindful fitness for cancer survivors and people living with Parkinson’s


- AFAA Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor - BOSU Certified Group Instructor - TRX Qualified - Franklin Method Technique - Yoga Teacher Training at Naropa University - Reiki 1 Certified


- BA, Dance Movement & Therapy, Naropa University - Double Minor in Psychology and Writing - Teacher at Naropa University Yoga Psychology Department
Three years ago I started from the bottom of the fitness ladder and have built myself up to a competitive level. No matter your level, I can transform you. Whether you’re running your first mile or training to race a full Ironman, you can benefit from sport conditioning. I believe in combining physical training with psychology training to achieve optimum performance in sport and life. I can help you lose weight and run faster, but also de-stress your life.


- National Academy Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer - TRX Qualified Instructor


- B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado
As an owner of ONE Boulder Fitness and a Strength & Fitness coach for over 35 years, I do what I love and love what I do! I have been passionately strength training my whole life and I love to share that passion with others.


I’ve seen many changes in the health & fitness industry over the years, some good, some not so good. I’ve spent decades collecting all of the good stuff... a variety of functional, core, stability and strength movements which I incorporate into my personal training sessions. Using this extensive knowledge, I know how to get people fit fast to reach their goals.


A great alternative to one-on-one training are Glen’s private, small group personal training classes in the Functional Fitness room. They’re extremely popular with proven results! So get yourself signed up at the front desk asap if you’re looking to get fit with a bunch of fun members!


- Mechanical Engineer - Pilot and Airplane Builder
Hannah hails to Colorado from New Hampshire, where she was a full-time personal trainer, Kettlebell coach, and yoga instructor, focusing on functional fitness for athletes. Hannah believes in training the body to perform at its highest level. Her strong educational background, passion and endlessly curiosity about the human body will guide your workouts to the next level. She is particular with alignment, proper form and creating body awareness.
Hannah is currently in pursuit of a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her scholarship provides you tools through body assessments, corrective exercise and deeper understanding of biomechanics. Hannah is part of the fitness community and enthusiastically participates in activities such as group runs, races, fitness classes, and other events that bridge wellness and friendship.
- ACE Certified Personal Trainer – IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer – 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher
- B.A. Communication; Minor, Kinesiology (University of New Hampshire)

Richii Jai is a Colorado native and a true health enthusiast. He has been studying physical fitness and human anatomy and sharing what he discovers with his students. Richii Jai practices movement arts such as Bicycling, Interval Style Workouts, and Power Yoga daily, in the studio, at home, and randomly in the aisles at the supermarket. He has written 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings recognized by The Yoga Alliance, and holds an E-RYT 200. He has coached many Bootcamp programs, been a Lead Instructor of SculptYoga Teacher Trainings, written and taught Advanced Yoga Workshops, and coached privately. His favorite workouts are interval style that involve cardio sets and shorts rests. Richii Jai pays full attention to his students, using anatomical knowledge, alignment methods, and understanding the unique expression each person is living. He encourages his students to be honest, free and explore their potential. He believes everyone can have a bright Mind-Body-Spirit through a healthy lifestyle. He encourages his groups to work intelligently,and follow their workouts with a Rapid Recovery Routine of water, foods, herbs, and rest. Richii Jai is currently developing videos for bicycle athletes who want to use yoga and weights for boosting and restoring their minds and bodies.


Kyle is a doctor of physical therapy and nutritionist with over a decade of experience. She received high honors as a doctoral level graduate from Ithaca College and went on to be nationally recognized as a leader in the field. Her career has ranged from providing trauma-level rehab to preventative medicine and orthopedics. She has completed hundreds and hundreds of hours of continuing education in manual therapy and exercise and advanced certifications in yoga and nutrition. Currently she resides in Boulder, CO where she specializes in wellness and rehabilitation.

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