Small Group Fitness Classes,  Big Time Results at ONE Boulder Fitness!

Small Group Fitness Classes merges Group Exercise with Personal Training to deliver the best workouts for you.

The Ultimate Class Workout

Our small group fitness classes are the ultimate workout format.  Why?   Because it combines the energy and camaraderie you get from group exercise classes with the expertise and individual attention you get from a personal trainer. 

Our Class Workouts Are:

  • SMART: Classes at ONE Boulder Fitness are led by certified personal trainers who have made it their mission to help people just like you achieve measurable results in a safe and effective manner.  Classes can be modified to accommodate every fitness level.

  • FOCUSED: Choose from over 18 different class styles to suit your fitness interests and objectives.  From Kettlebells, TRX and Bands to Boot Camps, Sports Conditioning and Yoga.

  • COST EFFECTIVE: These classes are included as part of your membership, so you have the opportunity to receive a great workout in groups of between 8 to 10, at no additional cost. (Non-members pay $35 per class.)

  • MOTIVATING: It’s an uplifting experience that holds you accountable to your goals, keeps you motivated and engaged, and allows you to enjoy maximum reward for all of your hard work.

  • PERSONAL: Working with a Personal Trainer means that the workouts can be custom-tailored to suit your individual fitness needs. It gives you that extra push to help you attain your goals, and in a small group setting, you can also enjoy the benefits of camaraderie, a strong support system of like-minded individuals and having a blast while working out!

  • NEVER BORING: Variety is the spice of fitness. Repeating the same exercises every time you workout can be boring, and ultimately, demotivating. Our classes are always fresh and constantly evolving with the best new fitness methods.

 What to Expect from a Class:

You and up to 7-9 additional ONE Boulder Fitness members are led by one of our certified personal trainers in our B-Fit Studio. Your trainer is there to keep your heart rate up, your muscles burning and to educate you on correct form.  Our classes focus on keeping you moving between each exercise, so you will be burning fat while building muscle.

If you are concerned about your personal fitness level, you shouldn’t be. We’ve designed our program to be suitable for everyone. Throughout your workout, our Personal Trainers are able to recommend modifications to each exercise that will allow you to accomplish your goals in a way that matches your personal abilities. Moreover, the B-Fit Studio is equipped with different strength resistance bands and weights and other equipment that allows you to adjust the intensity of each exercise.

The classes range from cardio to strength training and everything in between (click to view a full class schedule).
To reserve your place in a class, visit our Schedule page, and our system will walk you through it.

Trouble booking a class? Call the front desk at: 303-447-8545 and we will be happy to help.
Small Group Training at One Boulder Fitness
ONE Boulder Fitness offers TRX Small Group Training classes and is one of the only TRX licensed facilities in all of Boulder.  

We specialize in small group and personal training and have a range of classes available to accommodate every fitness level.

Fun, Effective, Results driven!
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